ZipLocK (Produced By Nokes)

by ILL Nu Joker

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Something 2 Smoke Too

ZipLocK (Fresh)


Got the game ziplock so we keep it so fresh
so relax ya mind and puff away the stress
pop in the tape and jam let your mind be free
i do it like no other i just gotta be me

yo i drop a couple tracks then im on to the next one
imma spark it up like this is my last blunt
im itching for the money man down to the bone
spit crack on the mic dope heads where i roam.
so what you smoking on?, im smoking something strong
kush up in the blunt, hydro in the bong
just to let you know we're just getting started
puffing on that smelly weed man its like a skunk farted
joints sound good but imma say fuck it
if you ask why imma go and use the bukket
got the weed lined up yea blunts in a row
been smoking so much you would think i was castro
so if i die today then i live my life
smoke a blunt with nugget jemu hot knife?
but yea man we smoke it like no other
so i hit it and i quit then pass it to my brother

chorus x2

verse 2
speaker steady kicking like somebody tied up in the trunk
steping out the hotbox smelling like a fucking skunk
haze on my mind got the munchies so its time for lunch
i roll it up and split it mix it up and then i have a blunt
i don't rap i get high and talk
walk around with it lit man thats how i walk
with a joint in my hand and a lighter in a another
and a pipe in my pocket and a mask in the cupboard
got the bong near the sink just incase i need a drink
numbers on speed dial incase i need a favor
my joints are the shit man they come in all flavors
so hurry up man roll a blunt lets get higher
just spark it up man don't you dare staill my lighter
cause im sparking up doesha
weed smells good uplifting aroma
give me a minute somebody got a light
i can't break out the beast if my mind ain't right

chorus x2


released 20 April 2013
Produced by Matt Nokes of The Royal Kush Band



all rights reserved


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